rue d'Idalie 27 Brussels

rue d'Idalie 27 Brussels

IQ 12: A greener-than-ever European Parliament! with MEP Terry Reintke

Although populist and far-right parties won big in a few Member States, the predicted success of anti-EU parties failed to materialise in Brussels.

Instead, across Europe – and especially in Germany – voters young and old sent a green wave to Brussels. The Greens saw their biggest turnout ever in European elections, setting the stage for what may be a deeper, more significant, and long-term change in European politics.

What made this possible? What was the campaign like from within? And what role will the Greens play in the next European Parliament?

Coming back to Brussels for a fierce second mandate, MEP Terry Reintke (Greens-EFA/Germany) shared inside campaign stories, told us what’s on the Greens’ agenda for the new legislature, and – most importantly – cheered with us to progressive EU politics.