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IQ2: Can design change the world? With Yara Al-Adib

The second edition of Idealist Quarterly took place on 11 October 2016 when we were joined by the refreshing Yara Al- Adib, a bright young designer and social entrepreneur. Born in Syria, studied in Kuwait and Italy now living and working in Brussels, Yara Al-Adib has a unique perspective on the world and uses her skills as a designer to create effective social change. Yara truly inspired our community of progressive and idealists with her outlook on the world and her ability to focus on the solutions – not the problems.
Can design change the world? We think so.
Check out photos from the event here.


Yara Al-Adib – Designer and social entrepreneur

Combining strategy, user experience design, communication and social innovation, Yara Al-Adib works to find solutions for societal and busness challenges based on empathy and co-creation.
A unique mediator between East and West, Yara Al-Adib is a bright young designer – with a conscience. With experience spanning Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon, Italy and Belgium, Yara Al-Adib will share her insights on how design can help individuals and societies flourish.